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Who are we? You know us!

We're the guys you BBQ with on Saturday or Sunday afternoon for the game. You tailgate with us. You probably play poker with us and maybe even a little Playstation or Xbox as well.

You probably even asked us to fix your computer once or twice... and we probably politely declined once or twice because even though we CAN fix your computer, we'd much rather be watching the game.

We're the guys you ask for advice about the game Sunday before you fill out your picks. We made the grid for the pool where you bought your squares. We Were the guys who made the pool spreadsheets you used to play each year. Of course, all of that was before the internet came along.

Well, we're still running the games and giving away free advice. However, we've moved beyond print files and spreadsheets. We've leveraged our years of programming and analysis skills to deliver the richest visual technologies available in the Fantasy Sports market.

We Don't host your games, you play wherever you like. We help you manage your teams and analyze your players or picks – and hopefully win!

We're also very interested in you and your opinion. Feel free to contact us and let us know what we can do better, what you'd like to see or for any reason at all. We get lonely too!

Keep your eyes on us. You'll be glad you did.

Welcome from,

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