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** NOTE ** This tool should be used as a Relative Strength Indicator (RSI).  The points are not meant to be exact, they're meant to indicate likelihood of a stronger or weaker result.  That means the higher the peak, the stronger the chance of a good game.  Stat projection is not an exact science - yet ... but we're working on it!!!

Q:  What are the Power Systems?
A:  Power systems determine how to project or forecast player data.  You can project based on past performance (2006 Results), projections for this year (2007 Projected) or use a combination of both (FC-System).  There are several schools of thought on that topic and we chose to let you decide which is better.  Very shortly you will be able to create your own custom Power System either using our API or using forms directly on our site.  That's Control!!

Q:  Where are the "Easy Search Filters" In the Projection tool?
A:  "Easy Search Filters" are not currently implemented for the Projection tool.  There is a reason for this but it's highly technical.  They will be implemented in a new version coming soon.

Q:  What is a Fantasy Profile?
A:  A Fantasy Profile is the scoring system for a fantasy league.  It defines how a player's stats equate to fantasy points.  We do the math for you.  If you play at CBS then click on the CBS profile, if you play at Yahoo! then ... well you figure it out.  The ability to create custom profiles is coming in the next release of the tool.

Q:  What's the difference between skill levels?
A:  The skill levels determine what stats and filters you see by default.  It simplifies the grid of data by eliminating non-essential stats and it also limits the filters in the filter box to just key data points for those just starting out.  Each level adds more stats and more filters.  ***NOTE***  Skill levels do not limit your ability to add stat columns to the grid.  It just simplifies the view.  You can always add or remove stat columns by using the stats arrow drop down on the upper right corner of the grid or chart.

Q:  What is "Compare Mode"?
A:  There are two ways to refine players and compare stats, Filter mode and Compare mode.  In Filter mode you use the filters in the filter box to refine your list of players, including the "Easy Filters".  In compare mode you select the players to compare and they are instantly added to the chart or grid.  Two ways to refine your players, both powerful.

Q:  What does the 'Weeks' slider do?
A:  That's our masterpiece!!  The Weeks slider allows you to limit the number of weeks you want to look at in either the charts or the grid.  When you slide the left arrow down to week 4 and the right arrow up to Week 8, you see what the player is projected to do in THOSE 4 weeks of the season.  Not just an average of four games but specifically those 4 weeks of the season.  Use this to see which players will have a better chance of success during your Fantasy Playoffs or Fantasy Super Bowl.

Q:  Where are the column stat definitions?
A:  stats columnsRight here!

Q:  How do slide filters work?
A:  The left arrow button on the slider is the low end of the scale.  When you slide it you are setting a minimum.  For example, minimum touchdowns or minimum yards per game.  Generally this gives you your leaders.  When you slide the right arrow you are setting a maximum.  For example, the maximum number of interceptions or fumbles you can tolerate.  TIP:  Slide the two arrows towards each other to research quality depth.

Q:  There are too many players to read the chart, what should I do?
A:  You should use the filter box to refine your search and eliminate players.  Or go to 'Compare' mode and select player's until the screen becomes too complicated.

Q:  How do I use complex logic to find my players?
A:  In filter mode you can use the filter box to create complex logic in choosing your players.  Use multiple sliders at once to create the logic.  For instance, choose quarterbacks and then slide the left arrow (min) on the PaTD slider to 20.  Then set the right arrow(max) on the INT slider to 15.  You've just created complex logic.  You now see all quarterbacks with more than 20 touchdown and less than 15 interceptions and it was quick and easy.  Use the same logic to create your own complex logic. 

Q:  Can I save my custom Filter settings?
A:  That's coming in the next release.

Q:  I can't see the data grid because of the Filter Box, what should I do?
A:  There are two buttons on the top of the Filter box, an up and a down arrow.  Click the down arrow.  NOTE - When the filter box is maximized you can still watch the row count under the player list to see how many rows are currently selected.
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