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NFL 2007 Kickoff
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At Fantasy Control we deliver Real-Time news, analysis and statistics.  What makes us different is how we deliver that information to you.  Widgets and Gadgets are the wave of the future and we're riding it.  Widgets allow you to get all of the news you want ANYWHERE you want to get it in a format that's much easier to read than our competitors.  Get our Rich Graphic feeds on your Desktop or put them right in your Google or MySpace page … or even your personal homepage or blog.  It's EASY!

If you want a widget for your desktop, this is the choice.  These widgets are rich in look and feel, sit right on your desktop and deliver the Best of our Real Time Feeds. Click on the feed you want from the list below ...
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Webtop Widgets are widgets that go right in a web page.  You can add them to your Google Home Page or your MySpace page with just a few clicks.  If you have a blog like Blogger or Typepad you can also add them directly to your Blog or embed them in your Blog article using the embed code which, again, is just a few clicks away.  You can also add them to your Vista sidebar or Page Flakes, Xanga, your own personal home page and more …
FEATURED:  Fantasy Stats Analysis (Fantasy Control Blog)
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